Petite Flow Pendant featuring Blue Topaz

Petite Flow Pendant featuring Blue Topaz

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Introducing the Petite Flow Pendant: A Serene Emblem


The Petite Flow Pendant, inspired by the Flow Collection, symbolizes fluidity and grace, guiding one's journey with effortless tranquility.


Available in Sterling Silver or 18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver, adorned with enchanting White Sapphire and Swiss Blue Topaz gemstones.

Shape Variants:

Select from Round, Oval, or Pear shapes to reflect your individual style and preference.

Stone Color:

Choose from a spectrum of mesmerizing hues:

  • Sky Blue Topaz (Lightest blue)
  • Swiss Blue Topaz (Brightest blue)
  • London Blue Topaz (Darkest blue)

Embrace Serenity and Grace

The Petite Flow Pendant invites wearers to quiet the mind and open the heart, embracing life's currents with serenity and poise.

Elevate Your Aura

Transcend boundaries with this timeless piece, inspiring moments of tranquility and sophistication with every wear.

Craftsmanship and Excellence

Meticulously crafted with precision and passion, each Petite Flow Pendant reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Experience the Essence

With the Petite Flow Pendant, immerse yourself in the essence of the Flow Collection—a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the power of grace.

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Most pieces will ship within 1-3 business days. Exceptions include any made to order pieces, such as solid gold pieces - these will require 2-4 weeks for fabrication and delivery.

Fine Collection pieces are ready to ship as listed for select sizes, but can be recreated for additional sizes and stone color selections. These pieces will take 4-6 weeks for stone procurement, fabrication, and delivery.

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