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Jan 2, 2024

Hello, fellow earthlings, and welcome to 2024! 

Examining the planetary aspects, the upcoming year promises to be intriguing. It won't just shape collective consciousness but also exert a profound influence on individuals, pushing our potentials beyond perceived limits. Let's delve into the celestial movements and events that will define this remarkable journey.

sun moon zodiac wheel

Pluto enters Aquarius: Jan 20, 2024 – March 8, 2043

Slow-moving Pluto enters open-minded Aquarius on Jan 20th to transform collective consciousness for the next twenty years. So, brace for it and embrace it, especially you, my dear Aquarians. 

In the realm of Aquarian themes – AI, extraterrestrial activities, rights movements, social “woke” evolution, telepathy – anticipate significant developments. The last time Pluto entered Aquarius in the 1700s coincided with revolutionary periods like the American and French Revolutions. This happened during Pluto – Uranus trine. Pluto will form a trine with Uranus again in July 2025, echoing transformative energies. Just saying. 

Prepare for a new Aquarian approach that challenges systems established during the Capricorn regime. The traditional notion of working hard and burning out will no longer suffice.

Saturn in Pisces: March 7, 2023 – Feb 13, 2026

Saturn will stay in Pisces in 2024. Saturn is the glue that holds everything together and gives it structure and form. By being in dreamy Pisces, rigid Saturn galvanizes and creates something out of nothing. It realizes the vision of turning that dream into reality. Beyond the practical, Saturn in Pisces directs attention toward spiritual dimensions and esoteric subjects, encouraging exploration beyond the material realm. 

Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus: Apr 20 

Jupiter, symbolizing luck and expansion, aligns with the spontaneous energy of Uranus, the planet of unexpected events and surprises, on April 20th. This convergence creates fantastic energy where initiative will be rewarded. Think of launching a business and watch it grow. Embrace the mantra of "Carpe diem" on this auspicious occasion.

Jupiter in Gemini: May 25, 2024 – June 9, 2025 

Jupiter entering Gemini will affect the way we receive, filter, process, and disseminate new information. Geminis, in particular, have a reason to celebrate as the great benefic, Jupiter, graces their sign. Other Air signs can revel in this cosmic party. For those lacking an air element in their astrological chart, it’s time to embrace the energy of freedom and flexibility in life which Jupiter in Gemini introduces.


25 March 2024 - Lunar eclipse at 5° Libra 

8 April 2024 - Solar eclipse 19° Aries

17 Sep 2024 – Lunar eclipse at 25° Pisces

2 Oct 2024 – Solar eclipse at 10° Libra

The spring eclipses along the Aries-Libra axis will illuminate the contrast between the relationship with Self vs relationships with others. Naturally, Aries and Libras will feel it the most but so as the fellow cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn In 2024, we'll witness the unfolding of this eclipse season that commenced in the spring of 2023. The North lunar node's conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, promises a healing journey. Come autumn, the eclipse axis shifts to the Virgo-Pisces axis, with the September lunar eclipse in Pisces focusing on collective healing.

All transits affect everybody differently. Some could dramatically while others not at all. If I to offer one word of advice for handling this year’s cosmic energy, it would be: shapeshifting. Embrace adaptability in your mindset, and you’ll be golden. 

Consider reading for both your Rising sign and Sun sign to gain a comprehensive understanding of how these energies may influence you.


aries zodiac


Dear Aries, it's time to shine! April 20th brings a game-changer with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your finance sector—seize this opportunity for exponential growth. Until May, your financial prospects are exceptionally promising, urging you to recognize your self-worth and chase your dreams, whether through alternative income or launching a business.

Powerful Pluto in the friendship sector may redefine your circle, emphasizing deep and meaningful connections, potentially introducing influential individuals.

The second half of the year focuses on relationships with significant others and business partners, urging a review. Anything toxic needs to go. Changes in social circles and relational dynamics may unfold.

Your inner psyche undergoes transformation with Saturn and Neptune in the subconscious mind's domain. You might come to an understanding of what causes your difficulties and what patterns need to be undone. Building faith in the unseen allows you to prioritize inner goals, steering clear of the limelight to align with your vision. Embrace the transformative energies, Aries, for a year of growth and self-discovery.

Aries gemstones/crystals: Diamond, Garnet, Bloodstone, Amethyst.  


taurus zodiac


With Jupiter and Uranus favoring you, determined Tauruses, luck smiles upon you—a cosmic alignment that occurs once every 12 years. Seize this moment, aim high, and reach for the stars.

Mighty Pluto in your career sector demands that you step into your power and own it. You are  asked to revise, reinvent, and rebuild your career and life direction so that it aligns better with your soul’s journey.

Dedicate the first half of the year to establishing a healthy daily routine and achieving work-life balance. The spring eclipse season influences your mind-body connection. April solar eclipse in the house of subconscious patterns could offer healing power so that you can release what no longer works. Embrace solitude, clear your mind, and focus on self-nurturing and your vision. In the second half of the year, Jupiter moves into your income house, opening doors for alternative income, self-worth realization, turning hobbies into businesses, or potential salary increases.

Saturn in the friendship sector prompts a review of who you align yourself with. Be cautious about expanding your network due to Neptune's dreamy influence, which may lead to connections with less-than-honest individuals. Navigate the year, Tauruses, with ambition, self-care, and discernment.

Taurus gemstones/crystals: Emerald, Saphire, Diamond, Amber, Rose Quartz. 


gemini zodiac


March lunar eclipse might bring a grand finale to a creative project or a romantic relationship, my quick-witted Geminis, while April solar eclipse encourages you to expand your social network. It’ll shine the light on your friendships. If you had a falling out with someone then maybe it was necessary. Whatever it is, it will be quite healing for you.  

In the first half of 2024, "Know thyself" becomes your motto, with Jupiter and Uranus in the sector of subconscious patterns. It might be a good time to go on a retreat or immerse yourself in solitude and focus on what’s important and brings joy. Planet of luck, Jupiter, will be in your sign from May 2024 – May 2025 adding positive vibes to an overall good year. 

Pluto is supporting you in the house of publishing, international travel, and education for the first half of 2024, offering transformative energy. It can also influence your life philosophy and quest for meaning. Diligent Saturn in the career sector demands hard work, though Neptune's influence may create confusion about your life's purpose. 


As autumn arrives, romantic energy takes center stage. For singles, it's a favorable time for love, while attached Geminis can unleash their creative genius and launch projects. Embrace the transformative energies, making 2024 a year of self-discovery and positive evolution, dear Geminis.

Gemini gemstones/crystals: Agate, Citrine, Celestine, Emerald. 


cancer zodiac


This Spring has so much to look forward to, dear Cancerians. March lunar eclipse in the sector of home and family could see you change your abode. It is further supported by a rapid growth of your social network with Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, moving into the sector of friendships and collaborations until May 2024. You could complete a house renovation or resolve a family problem. 

April solar eclipse ignites your career sector. Be it a new business endeavor or career, it realigns your life’s purpose with your soul’s journey which is rather healing for you. 

Autumn lunar eclipse could transform your philosophy on life and search for meaning. You could complete a study program. October's solar eclipse refocuses attention on family matters.  

Pluto's move from the sector of partnerships to shared resources and investments offers a significant opportunity for financial transformation, especially in summer and year-end when Pluto and Jupiter align positively. This transformation correlates with inner work you did on your psyche and subconsciousness.

Anticipate a year of dynamic shifts and transformative opportunities, Cancerians, as celestial energies guide you towards alignment and prosperity.

Cancer gemstones/crystals: Moonstone, Pearl, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz.


leo zodiac


Stepping into 2024, your career is set to sizzle with a powerful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20th, promising exponential growth. Spring is your season to make bold career moves, explore international travel opportunities, potentially aligning with a cosmic call to teach if that's been on your mind. Embrace these shifts, as they align with your soul's purpose, fostering personal healing.

However, buckle up for a 20-year ride as Pluto opposes your zodiac in the relationship sector. Pluto’s energy of major transformation means that your long-term relationships, be it in marriage or business, would undergo serious changes which would  transform you in the process. Beware of influential, possibly intense or toxic figures entering your life. 

Come September, a lunar eclipse in the sector of joint resources and taxes, coupled with Saturn's influence, signals discipline and caution. Opt for conservative investments, minimize risks, and ensure tax compliance.

As autumn arrives, channel your voice through social media, a blog, or podcast. Forge new connections and share your message with the world, marking a season of networking and self-expression. Navigate these celestial currents like the boss you are, embracing growth, transformation, and mindful financial stewardship in the year ahead. 

Leo gemstones/crystals: Ruby, Peridot, Diamond, Citrine. 

 virgo zodiac


Spring 2024 heralds substantial opportunities in publishing, broadcasting, and teaching, especially on April 20th thanks to Uranus-Jupiter conjunction. Jupiter’s lucky energy in the travel sector can bring good news about pending visa, green card or citizenship application so seize that international travel opportunity. Jupiter will stay in Taurus until May 2024 after which it moves into the career sector adding its Midas touch there. 

In the relationship realm, steadfast Saturn ensures serious discussions, whether in business or romance. Acting as the glue, Saturn demands commitment for the long haul so anything flaky just won’t stick. Neptune adds a bit of dreaminess and softness to Saturn’s rigidity making things a bit rosier, but the September lunar eclipse in the relationship sector could mark a turning point. 

With Pluto entering the health sector be sure to have a well-rounded daily schedule. Pluto could transform the way your day is structured as a result of a new job. 

With eclipses taking place in your sector of finances, the financial landscape takes center stage in 2024, encompassing new earning and spending methods, managing joined resources, and inheritance. 

Virgo gemstones/crystals: Peridot, Blue Saphire, Emerald, Smokey Quartz. 


libra zodiac


For diplomatic Libras, the March lunar eclipse signals a "Come as you are" moment, urging authenticity. Assess what's weighing you down, shedding unnecessary baggage. Share your priorities with loved ones without becoming overly needy. Keep it cool.

April’s solar eclipse will put your relationships with significant others and business partners under the spotlight. It’s time for new beginnings so marriage proposal is not out of the question so as formation of a business partnership. Whatever it could be, it will have a healing effect on you. 

Libras will have a helping hand from Uranus-Jupiter conjunction on Apr 20th, which could bring an unexpected funding or investment opportunity or merging of resources. In the realm of love, romance, and creative ventures, transformative Pluto takes center stage, offering support and profound changes.

Prioritize health through beneficial daily habits to avoid complications. Saturn in Pisces in the health sector asks that extra attention is given, which is heightened by September lunar eclipse. Dropping workaholic approach, substance abuse or anything destructive is crucial. Come October, international travel beckons, courtesy of Jupiter's luck in the travel sector. Anticipate positive news on visa or citizenship matters. Libras, embrace authenticity, nurture relationships, and navigate transformative energies with grace in the unfolding chapters of 2024.

Libra gemstones/crystals: Opal, Lapis lazuli, Sapphire, Tourmaline. 

scorpio zodiac


Dear Scorpios, brace yourself for a Spring eclipse season which falls on the mind-body connection axis urging introspection of your inner psyche and subconscious patterns. Ancestral and karmic processes which are intertwined with deeply rooted subconscious patterns need purging for rejuvenation. Prioritize healing with a balanced daily routine or a change in your work environment.

April 20th brings a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, igniting your relationship sector. Expect fireworks and rewarding partnerships, be it in business or marriage. Yet, if a relationship doesn't align with its highest purpose, this cosmic duo could mark its end. Legal matters find resolution in May, paving the way for Jupiter's Midas touch in shared resources and finances sector.

Saturn and Neptune in your creativity and love sector signal a creative journey or the prospect of love. Exercise caution, as Neptune's dreamy vibes may cloud reality. Autumn's lunar eclipse in this sector hints at a project's completion or a turning point in a love affair.

In your family and home sector, mighty Pluto prompts transformation. Embrace change—whether in residence or family matters—allowing Pluto's energy to guide you. As Scorpios ruled by Pluto, navigate these shifts with your innate strength. 

Scorpio gemstones/crystals: Obsidian, Topaz, Hematite, Tourmaline, Citrine. 


sagittarius zodiac


The friendship and collaboration sector sizzles with March and October eclipses, possibly finalizing joint ventures or aligning you with a like-minded tribe. If a fallout occurs, trust it's for the best.

April's solar eclipse in the love and creativity sector heralds therapeutic new romances, hobbies, or projects, aligning with your life's purpose. Consider changing your abode this spring.

Jupiter's energy boosts your daily routine and work tasks, potentially bringing new responsibilities or even a pet in the first half of 2024. After May, it moves into your partnership sector. If the relationship is good, it’ll be great. If it isn’t, Jupiter’s energy will magnify it making it quite clear where you stand, be it in business or personal relationships.  

Come September, a lunar eclipse in the home and family sector signals completion of home renovations or resolution of family disputes. With Saturn present in this sector, it symbolizes a father or father figure and could aid in the process of establishing your individual identity apart from your parents.

Sagittarius gemstones/crystals: Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon.


capricorn zodiac


Dear hard-working Caps, the first half of 2024 brings luck to the sector of love and creativity. Embrace new romances and creative journeys, turning hobbies into vocations. On April 20th, a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction may bring sudden romantic connections or unexpected project news.

Powerful Pluto is reshaping your income sector and how you make money. Your self-worth will be reevaluated. 

March's lunar eclipse in your career sector may lead to quitting your job for new ways of living. April's solar eclipse focuses on home and family, potentially leading to working from home, prioritizing family life, embarking on home renovations, or moving in together with your partner. The transformative effects of these changes align with your north node and soul's journey, offering a medicinal effect. 

October's solar eclipse launches a career breakthrough. At the same time, autumn could be about voicing your message and resolving dilemmas or concluding quarrels within your inner community or with siblings. Embrace these shifts, Caps, as they guide you towards a fulfilling and aligned path. 

Capricorn gemstones/crystals: Garnet, Turquoise 


aquarius zodiac


Dear darlings, 2024 kicks off with Pluto settling into your sign on Jan 20th, initiating a transformative journey that spans 20 years, particularly impacting early Aquarians. It’ll change you, your values, the way you express and show yourself to the world. 

Spring eclipses beckon spiritual and mental growth, altering your beliefs and fostering a deeper connection with yourself. Family becomes a significant part of your life, and a thirst for learning something new emerges. Trust that universe got your back. 

April 20th brings a major event with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your home and family sector, offering luck in finding a new home or welcoming additions to the family. Complete home renovations before May when Jupiter shifts to your Love sector, where you can enjoy your life and play. 

Saturn will reign in your house of finances applying its diligent grip. It might be a good idea to get a financial advisor especially because Neptune in Pisces can make things a little hazy and confusing. Given that autumn lunar eclipse is also in the income sector, you could pay off a debt. Be mindful not to overspend and establish boundaries to feel safe and secure. Autumn also signals international travel opportunities, ensuring legal matters are resolved beforehand. 

Embrace the transformative journey ahead, balancing growth and stability.

Aquarius gemstones/crystals: Amethyst, Garnet, Jasper, Rose Quartz.




Dear Pisceans, a transformative phase unfolds as Pluto influences your subconscious realm, prompting you to reassess and eliminate outdated patterns. Interwoven with ancestral and karmic processes, this journey requires rewiring the deeply rooted repressed part of your mind.

The Spring lunar eclipse in the house of joint resources and intimacy hints at a profound personal transformation, urging a deeper connection with others. Consider a loan if absolutely necessary.

Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sector of communication and inner community indicates that Spring is a great time for sharing your wisdom with the world and meeting new people. Embrace spontaneous trips for potential rewards. April's solar eclipse in the finance sector suggests turning hobbies into income sources, aligning with your life's purpose. Explore alternative income avenues and new financial approaches, reserving investments for Autumn's solar eclipse – an opportune time for funding or merging finances.  

Saturn in the house of self-expression and self-identity demands thoughtful decisions with a lasting vision. In spring, with Venus and Mars in Pisces, it's prime time to act and shine. Besides, Venus in Pisces is irresistible.

Autumn lunar eclipse in Pisces will be joining Saturn in the house of self-expression. Meanwhile Jupiter moves into your home and family sector making it a good time to look for a new home or perhaps move in with your partner. 

Pisces gemstones/crystals: Amethyst, Peridot, Aquamarine.


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